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1. How are the surroundings of your computer workstation arranged?
2. How is the space of your computer station arranged?
3. Is there enough space for legs under the desk?
4. Where are put documents entered into the computer?
5. Does the daylight get into the room?
6. What is the position of the monitor in relation to the window?
7. What type of monitor does the workstation use?
8. What is the position of the monitor?
9. How far from the monitor is the typing person?
10. What is the position of the keyboard
11. At what height is the keyboard located?
12. In what position are the wrists when writing on the keyboard?
13. Can the height of the seat be adjusted?
14. Can the backrest be adjusted?
15. Can you use footstool?
16. What is the position of your forearms when typing?
17. They rest on non-adjusted elbow-rests?
a. Eye pain
b. Sharpness of vision problems
c. Dryness and burning sensation under your eyelids
18. Do you have back or neck pains when working in seating posture?
19. Do you have hand pains when working on the computer?
a. In the area of your wrists
b. In the area of your elbows, arms
c. Numbness and formication of fingers
d. Numbness and formication of shoulders
20. Do you have leg pains when working at your desk?
a. Foot formication
b. Calf dumbness
c. Swelling of legs
21. Do you feel pressure from the chair edge on your thighs?
22. Is your computer cleaned regularly?
23. Can you make 5-minute break after each hour working on the computer, which is included in your labour time?
24. Do you use sigh-correcting glasses when working on the computer?
25. Did your employer participate in the costs of purchase of such glasses?
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Type of employer:
Number of years spent working on the computer: year(s)
Number of persons employed in your company / branch:
How many hours do you spend working on the computer at work and at home: hour(s)
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